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At Panambi, brides can choose a design from our collection or we can create a design from scratch with them, adapting to their figure and style. Our goal is that every bride feels unique at her wedding.


En Panambi, las novias pueden elegir un diseño de nuestra colección o podemos crear un diseño desde cero con ellas, adaptándonos a su figura y a su estilo. Nuestra meta es que cada novia se sienta única en su boda


For your events

Short dresses, midi dresses and skirt or trouser sets to dazzle at a daytime wedding.

Selection of long dresses, midi-cut dresses and jacket and trouser sets for evening events.

Our favourite dresses, skirts, blouses and shirts so you can find the perfect outfit for a night out.

Choose your favourite garments for baptisms and communions among midi dresses, sets and dreamy shirts.

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